hey y'all -is anyone else here a LOSTIE and want to discuss? tomorrow is the season finale and i'm so excited! only one season left, though...and now i'm sad...anyway, if anyone wants to debate the mysteries of the Island, let's do this!- how the heck is Locke going to try to kill Jacob?!- why is Locke even alive? he was DEAD before returning to the Island...- what was the purpose of having everyone but Sun end up in 1977 with the Dharma initiative?- why is Sayid, a cold-blooded assassin, so darn sexy?! er...i mean, can Sayid be trusted? he seems to be acting weird ever since he came back to the Island.- what is Jack going to do once he finds the atomic bomb? i don't think he though that one through...- why is Kate such a homewrecker? i mean gosh...- Richard Alpert: friend or foe?- Ben Linus: evil or super-evil?- Can you change the past? Even if you could - would you able to change your ultimate destiny?if you have no idea what im talking about, check out:http://abc.go.com/primetime/lost/index?pn=indexall 5 seasons of the show are available online FREE. you only have one more year to catch on before it's over!

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