Sokoya Comics

The Best In Afrakan Science Fiction
Creating comic-book stories that Creatively blend Science Fiction and African Reality.Sokoya Comics satisfies the culturally sensitive buyer’s desire for fantasy entertainment along with their craving for Cultural entertainment by merging the two sensitivities into one product. Sokoya Comics sets itself apart from other comic-book publishers by offering science fiction stories that involve identifiable and realistic African themes and traditions. Sokoya Comics’s stories and characters are inspired from African History, Philosophy, Dance, Music, Art, Religion and Science. Sokoya Comics uses these strong cultural foundations to propel the audience into the unique world where African Fact meets Science Fiction.Pronouced (ah-keen-shae-yae) Akinsheye Brown has been an illustrator for more than ten years. His works include Vejo Capoeria- a coloring book based on educating young people about the history of Capoeria Angola,an African-Brasilian Martial Artform, Medicalship Abiola- an adventure comic strip that features African Doctors in outerspace, The Warrior and Seekers of Justice – a comic book that tells the story of a discipline driven high school science teacher and his 5 super-powered students. As an artist and graphic designer Akinsheye has worked on multiple freelance jobs and participated in a number of gallery exhibitions.Sokoya Comics

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