Issue zero is the Official Guide. It is the beginning; or herald if you will, of a six part mini series. Forty eight pages in full color. Character profiles, cultural break-downs, and the ultimate secret of the Neters universe is revealed! We bring you a world both strange and familiar. It is our hope that the guide will wet your imagination pallet. Neters issue zero is the first of the new cifer-Ra (high-science-entertainment), coming to you from Daathrekh Publishing. The Official Guide Neters - an epic speculative fiction event, that chronicles the lives of the men and women of the Ma’atan Code. Born in the wake and destruction following a mysterious Back-Ground noise, they live out their lives, burdened with the awesome responsibility of redeeming the names and traditions of those who came before the end of the Dream Time. NETERS TM and © Daathrekh Publishing. All rights reserved.

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