The socially conscious super hero Omega Man has addressed a number of social issues in his popular independent comic book series. Omega Man's creator (Alonzo Washington) has decided to use his nationally known icon to address the recent school shootings and youth violence that is affecting our nation. A special comic strip will be launched on this website designed to deal with School shootings, gang violence, guns, hate crimes, & teen rage. Omega 7 Inc. will offer the strip free of charge to promote responsibility in media and social morals in today's pop culture. In association with this project the Kansas City, Missouri Police Department will distribute anti-crime trading cards with school & neighborhoods featuring (3) Omega 7 characters (Omega Man, Original Woman, & the Mighty Ace). Unlike a number of today's super heroes, Omega Man tries to set an example that kids can follow. He is the complete opposite of Blade, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the Punisher, etc. Moreover, youth who visit this website will be encouraged to write commentaries about the state of violence in America. The best ones will be featured on this website in the future.

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