By the Galactic Core! Now that I've started my own sci-fi short story series, I have to do all this research on feasible science and tech to make a believable tale. One bit of useful info I turned up is a comprehensive list of Sci-fi Cliche's. When I initially saw the long list of symbolic nomenclature to mark the level of cliche' I thought it was overdoing it. I was incorrect. Not only are the cliche's brought up but the symbols marking them are like badges by which the more there are, the more heinous and 'cliche'' the cliche' is! Be advised: this isn't your typical 5-10 list of cliche's. This thing is deep and will take more than one reading to get through. So far, my new story is guilty of 4 however, since I've adapted it from an ancient Greek Myth I may be able to get a 'waiver'....

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