There was a post online about Black owners struggle to sell to black shoppers. I thought this was interesting and so I listed a few pointers to help others that may be feeling the same way. 

This is not comprehensive but just some things that I work on that you may find useful:

I think we have to focus on the basics in addition to new strategies. These are all items that I strive to perfect myself that I see others need improvement on as well.
Focus on Business basi
cs include: Product, Place, Price and Promotion

1. Product
Creating quality product 
Package the product professionally
Take nice pictures of your products for marketing
Try to keep your products in stock that are frequently purchased

2. Place
Providing and easy access place to buy the product
Providing and online presence so people can buy there
Go to where there is an abundance of your target market
Provide convenient business hours of operation

3. Pricing 
Provide a competitively priced product for people to buy.
Provide incentives to buy
Run periodic specials
Offer free items with certain purchases

4. Promotion
Promote your product to a targeted audience constantly without being annoying
Utilizing a business plan
Marketing plan
Marketing schedule

New strategies: Website, Social Media, Paid Social Marketing, Video

1. Create A Professional Website 
Avoid free unprofessional websites
Fast loading website
Attractive web presence
Easy purchase options

2. Social Media 
Create accounts on Facebook, 
Create accounts on Twitter
Create accounts on YouTube

3. Paid Social Marketing
Create social media marketing pan
Create social media marketing schedule
Get paid Facebook ads 
Paid advertising from promotion companies 

4. Video Promotion
Create promotional videos
Post videos on your website
Post videos on Facebook & Twitter
Post video on YouTube

5. Continue To Learn Business Principles With Online Resources, Books, Videos, Classes
Marketing & Sales
Customer Service

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