This is spawned from a response on a previous post by myself (Religion does count in space) 

A fellow member commented that they like sci-fi (as we all do here) but does not feel that they are capable of writing sci-fi (as I once felt).  Here are my thoughts and observations on writing sci-fi as a beginner

Things to ponder 

Star Trek (STOS) was based on two types of stories 1) The Western in space this is why there were so many "shoot outs", the TV writers of the period were being convinced by executives that Westerns ruled; Have Gun Will Travel, Maverick (Kirk's cavalier attitude was borrowed from Brett), Rifle Man (the shows sense of doing the right thing on the frontier) and many others. 2) US Navy stories of comradeship and the adventures of docking at foreign ports.  Therefore, to tell me that you are not much of a sci-fi writer is to say that either you are not much of a writer or you just prefer to leave such complicated things to the big boys.  I hope that the latter is false and that you find a way to engage yourself and step out and risk writing some sci-fi.  

Things to wonder 

Writing good sci-fi is simple as long as you are constant, consistent and stick to the version of how the universe your characters live in revolves and evolves with a logical path.  When explaining something that does not exist or exist solely for your characters (Unobtainium - from Avatar) take a moment somewhere in the story to explain it a little.  You dont need physics to make it make sense to the reader and it should never be above the characters level of comprehension.     

Things to keep you from going under 

The difference between a bus, a train, a plane, a cruise ship and a space ship or space station is the medium in which they travel through and the amenities that are available.  If you write the story you can apply any location and or technology to it as long as you observe the limitations of that medium.  


Sidonie Colette said:

...I think your idea is great Mr. caveman; I could never do that though, I'm not must of a sci fi writer, just a reader and writer of other stuff :).

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