Hi folks I want to create a Space Opera Novel series based on American Civil War from the CSA point of view, the main character is based on Robert E Lee. This series inspired by the David Weber's Honor series, not Firefly setting not a big fan of Joss W.

Now I ask you people here as an Anglo Canadian is there anything wrong with me writing this?, Lee is common last name among Anglos, 

This setting is this Earth and there home Colonies (Union), the Imperial like Faraway Colonies  (CSA)

now One of the Largest Colony is a Kingdom based on CSA Nobility and British Empire, Kingdom's name to later be worked on, 

Captial Planet: Tiderwater

Form of Goverment: Monarchy with limited Parilament (House of Burgess)

Lee Valley:

This is were the Lee family currently lives since it was they as Yomen who First discovered and settled the area, currently they are the largest landowners in the Valley and founded the area's Capital Goodland and also currently a Brewery.

Goodland size: Large Town to a Small City,

Lee Social Rank: Squire


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