Hello everyone,

When I and try to search for more speculative fiction books by people of color, I always run into the same problem.  It's hard to find new books from authors that I don't know.  In fact, the only way I find new authors is through a best seller under the mystery category or a free book that happened to make it to the best seller list.  This problem also makes it hard, as an author, to connect with people who are interested in reading diverse speculative fiction.

I wanted to fix the problem so I asked (an online store) if there would be a specific section generated to find diverse science fiction in the future.  They replied that the BISAC codes determine the categories.  This gave me an idea:  To either petition, or gather a large group of people to suggest a speculative fiction category to be added.  I feel like a petition would be easier, and it could be spread faster.  I also figure that they would at least listen to a large group of people.

I would like to see "speculative fiction" category under African American, Asian American, Hispanic American, and LGBT.  I figure that they probably wouldn't put one under Asian and Hispanic American since there are no subcategories there, but it is worth a try.

I also would like to see a "Diversity" section under the science fiction, paranormal, fantasy, and horror categories.

I could make a petition that we could spread.  I wrote out a general letter.  What do y'all think? 

Just wanted to add that we could go for something smaller 1st, like the addition of this section to the "African American" section since they tend to have a few subsections.  We could also just ask for speculative fiction under the diversity sections instead of including diversity under the genre sections.

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