See what had happened was...

Big Brother Administrator Almighty dared me to post some pics in another thread so I fed him to my shark instead! Lol


Flex Hectic fights a bunch of sharks in the first chapter so here is a peek-a-boo!

The first shark is from the digital comic book done in pencil and ink with Photoshop coloring and if it seems too blurry you will need red and blue anaglyph glasses to look deep down in it's mouth for Administrator who is not yet fully digested!

The other two pics are my Zbrush sculpted shark that will be polypainted and textured for transfer into Lightwave where it will be duplicated dozens of times to create a school of sharks for animation episodes which will also be in 3D!

So as you can see a brotha can in fact draw, color, sculpt and soon to see animate with the best of them... It's the animation part that is holding up the show thus far so when I get to the point where I can match or top what Pixar does then Flex Hectic comes out in surround sound 3D!

Shame on you Administrator for making me do this... I was going to spare your life during the invasion but now you are at the top of the list just ahead of Ronald! Lmao

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