Unless you have been under a rock the past few weeks you may have seen the video of the mom going in hard on her son for participating in the Baltimore riots...


Obviously her "pimp hand" was strong and her cuss game is up to par because she became a celebrity over the incident unlike NFL running back Adrian Peterson who was also disciplining his son for bad behavior!

Now of course the Baltimore mom does not have the pure strength of a world class athlete but some of them pops upside the head could constitute abuse of some kind because she was swinging for the fences!

Yeah I know this is comparing apples and oranges but they are still fruit though... Lol

The question is under what circumstances is corporal punishment okay and when is it not okay?

Are mothers because they are not bench pressing 400 pounds absolved from the crime of spanking where fathers who happen to be able to carry 250 pound linebackers into the end zone on their backs can be charged and suspended from their jobs?

Police officers are justified in certain instances to use deadly force according to the situation at hand and usually there is no age limit required for the perpetrator to get that heat!

Adrian Peterson's son was much younger so is there an age limit guideline?

There will always be punishments for misbehavior from parents to cops to full blown military actions so getting rid of corporal punishment has never been an option for mankind at any point in history!

BUT... The double standards particularly when it comes to gender has to addressed!

If there are laws for or against spanking when and how do you apply them!

If my wife slaps me does she get a pass because she is half my size and I would probably not even notice because I'm busy watching the game?

Can a man hit a woman for anything... I mean like what if she were a terrorist with a bomb strapped to her chest does chivalry apply there or can you punch her in her ISIS brainwashed mouth?

What about vigilante justice... If I have primary colored spandex on and a cape with matching boots and utility belt can I stop a perpetrator up to no good with my fists as a service to the community?

If I have the crowd on my side at the moment of impact does that make it okay because I have their approval as prisoners of the moment?

Spanking goes beyond just the childhood age and some children grow up faster than others as they flirt with gang banging or serial killing as a hobby!

These laws need to be better defined and have more clarity!

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