ALEX CROSS Pt 2 of a 3 part smack down

My previous post said that it was important to writers - here is the reason why I said it

Kerry Williamson prior to getting his big screen play beak worked as the assistant to the director on Collateral Damage (Arnold Schwarzenegger) you know the Arnold film you did not see.  I truly do believe the theory of "get in where you fit in" at the same I also believe practice being proactive in your own positive execution of a task.  

The selected scenes that I have viewed from the previews for Alex Cross all have predictable cliché police dialogue.  I know that some phrases like "Stop! Police!", Stop or I'll shoot" along with other derivations of that statement are necessary.  As well as the heartfelt statements vowing to protect said cops family during a crisis all come into play.  

With previews like that I am not expecting to see Shakespeare level dialogue but one can hope.  Unlike my comments regarding the producer director Rob Cohen I think that Kerry Williamson can grow beyond this offering.  I also know that sometimes what is written in the screenplay is ignored by the director.  

IMDB reports that Kerry Williamson is working on Fork In The Road. Viewer beware there is a novel with that name (Denis 'Turk 182'Hamil) which Williamson has written a treatment and adaptation for film. Good news for the erstwhile film writer the lead character in the book (Colin Coyne) is a filmmaker through the course of the book writes a dramatic love story of film quality. This type of Mise en Abyme can be a free ride for a writer or the beginning of a slippery slope.  I suggest that we writers sit back and merely observe and learn from the actions of others, good or bad.

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