ALEX CROSS Pt 3 of a 3 part smack down

First off I am an admirer of Tyler Perry and most of his works, so it is hard for me to "smack him down" but give me a moment I might come around.  Now on to what you came here for 

Tyler Perry the actor has the proven ability to draw an audience and the proof of that has been proven time and time again, thus far it has only occurred when his name is attached to a comedy.  Often a comedy that is not well publicized or given limited release; such as the powerful (non-Madea) film GOOD DEEDS that premiered on only a 132 screens nationwide with an all-star lineup including Phylicia Rashad and the up and coming Brian White (as the family Black sheep), make a powerful self serving family. 

Keep in mind that most of you reading this did not see the film GOOD DEEDS (written, directed, stars Tyler Perry who also shares a producers credit on the film.  Where as in Alex Cross he is just along for the ride.  In my observation the studio did not want to see Mr. Perry at the helm of a violent film which might sour a portion of his audience and show him as selling out his fan base. I understand that type of thinking from Hollywood, I also think it a wise decision all the way around.  

When we take a look at the dollars generated by both films there is a surprising trend observed in both films.  Alex Cross with heavy marketing by everyone from the primary actor (Perry) and the author of the original story (Patterson) in multiple markets opening weekend gross was 75% of Good Deeds.  Both films were made within similar budgets, in fact Good Deeds was made for about 8% less than Alex Cross - Go figure. 

Now let's talk about Tyler Perry the actor; Tyler in the Madea films often sounds poorly timed with hard edits and rough cuts.  Part of that can be attributed to editing as well as the hectic pace of being in a scene as three different characters and direct too.  The way the Madea films are made appear to be as fun as the stage plays.  In Good Deeds we get a chance to see Tyler the director, direct Tyler the actor in a dramatic role.  The dialogue of the film gets great performances out of all actors especially Thandie Newton.  We have seen her in several roles from THE TRUTH ABOUT CHARLIE and so on.  To date her performance in BELOVED was phenomenal and although this is not her best work this does show her in a different light.  The least that I can say about the film is that it shows us something that we have not seen from Tyler before now and can afford to see more of.  I am willing to agree with many reviewers that more could have been done with ALEX CROSS and leave it at that.  I do not hold Tyler at fault for the outcome of the film, but I do hold him responsible for accepting what the director and producers  laid down.          

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