Alice in Wonderland

So, a lot of people were disappointed because they thought they were going to see the Alice in Wonderland story.  I guess they didn't see the current previews of the "questioning" if the girl was truly "Alice" and stating it was "13 years later".


I thought it was okay. I watched it in IMAX 3D. The story had some missing points for me, not quite sure exactly what, but it okay. Johnny Depp...I kept seeing the pirate character with this one. Didn't have much lines to really show a different type of character for this movie.


I got where the story was going, how to have adventure in real life as well as in fantasy, but it just didn't put it out strong enough for me. It seemed rushed in the beginning to get all the "pre-life" in to associate it with the fantasy life.  And the"Alice" was plain and dull, but I guess that's a typical "Alice"?



I say I could have waited for it in my Netflix queue. But it was a nice outing with the hubby...who fell asleep. :)

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