Amazon to Sell/Publish Comics

Amazon to Publish Comics

Watch out, comic book industry. Amazon has its eye on you. This week, Amazon Publishing announced the start of Jet City Comics, a new imprint devoted to comics and graphic novels.

The comics will be available digitally on the Kindle and will also have print editions sold on and at other comic book retailers.

Jet City’s first offering is the opening issue of “Symposium,” written by Christian Cameron and illustrated by Dmitry Bondarenko. It is part of “The Foreworld Saga,” which begins in 13th-century Europe, about a group of mystics and warriors who must turn back a Mongol invasion. In October, adaptations of the short story “Meathouse Man,” by George R. R. Martin, and the science fiction novel “Wool,” will follow.

“Our focus will be on adapting great books for this medium as a means of expanding the audience for our authors, pushing boundaries with new ideas that combine visual and narrative storytelling, and creating compelling new experiences for readers,” said Jeff Belle, the vice president of Amazon Publishing, in a statement. “Symposium” and “Wool” will each be released digitally as six-issue series before being collected as graphic novels in 2014.

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