An African SciFi Book (From Africa)

Hi there everyone. So I've been reading the blogs here and have been a member for some weeks. I thought that I would share my Science Fiction work. I recently self published a novella called Mashu oMusha (Which means New Mashu) Here is a small blurb. I am a South African native, by the way. 

About Mashu oMusha

Mashu oMusha is a Science Fiction novella based in the township of Kwa Mashu, In the coastal city of eThekwini/Durban. It merges isiZulu and English as well as other languages/dialects to build a township that is anarchic, strong of character and as utopian or dystopian as your perspective.

Science Fiction, nee, Black Science Fiction in South Africa is short. So few of our stories are told from our perspective, that it is usually a surprise to see a full Black cast for a Science Fiction book, TV show, comic book or film. As a side-note, I do look forward to what Marvel has to offer regarding the Black Panther 2018 movie. And Netflix's Luke Cage was a good step forward. 

With that said, this book is of paramount importance. It is but the beginning of a myth and a universe set in a place that indigenous people can recognize and the non-indigenous can now build a picture of. That matters. Lest I wax too lyrical on this subject, I will leave you with the video, which is an interview from February's fund-raising book launch. We have recently perfect-bound the book.

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