Any Business Owners Here?

 I hope this is the right place to post this.

Are there any business owners here? Lately I've been mulling over the idea of, as crazy as it sounds, opening up a bookshop at some point in the future. Right now I work in a library and so the idea just keep creeping into my head.
A bookstore that of course features widely diverse set of books, music, movies, comics, a place a lot of us here would feel at home.. A place where people can come and chil and relax, do some research, learn, or just come to find great books featuring us.
I think the idea is solid but I have no experience in anything like that so I am asking are there any people here who started there own businesses and have advice on how to get started? I don't really know anything in terms of how much I should be saving, bank loans, locations, expenses, where do I get everything I need, and honestly I've no clue on where to start.
Anyone got anywords of encouragement?

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