Apple WWDC15

Once you go Mac you never go back...

As an Apple guy I always check up on the latest from the Steve Jobs faithful... Of course I have an iMac so Ia have no choice but to endure their website pages every time I open Safari and browse! Lol


Apple has announced Apple Music along with software updates and a few Apple Watch features!

For the record their App Store has paid out over 30 billion to developers as the most profitable app marketplace in the industry!

This is good news considering that my comic is available only on Apple iBooks no matter how much friends and family want to me to go Android or Samsung and them!

This was in the planning years ago so bare with me and go get an iPad you slackers! Lol

Celebrities like Drake and Neil degrease Tyson had moments promoting Apple and it seems like Apple is one it's way to being like Skynet in the Terminator series! (smile)

What was really cool for me was last week meeting a friend who worked at the Apple store and having him download my comics preview on one of the iMacs in the store... I'm tempted to download it on all their devices in there as I prepare to start up my promotional tour!

What I like about Apple is it's plug-n-play aspect where everything can be synched without jumping through technical hoops for an hour!

Sure I know peeps that like to build their own PC's but as a creative artist I am not trying to be Han Solo always working on fixing the Millennium Falcon with my bare hands when R2-D2 can just turn one lever and get instant light speed!

If you missed the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference you can view it on their website at...


For their next event here are a few of my suggestions!

The Mac Pro- Before I drop a pint of blood on the fully upgraded model I want Apple to take their dual graphics cards and switch one out for a Nvidia graphics card so that they have the best of both worlds and kill the noise from disses like this one from BOXX...

With both a Nvidia and AMD card available those softwares that require one or the other can be used whenever the need arises and not limit usage for high end graphics developers!

BOXX makes some nice computers but they are still bulky towers from the old school... However, I might get one of their render pro machines which is much smaller to carry!

A dual AMD/Nvidia Mac Pro would be an unbeatable monster not to mention portable for traveling to different set locations for movie making... I noticed that there were a bunch of Mac Pros at the Blackmagic Design convention because those heavy PC towers are too awkward for mass transit!

Also Apple needs to buy Modbook out and take over their much slower RnD operations...

I had a first generation Modbook and it served me well until the costs of repairs made me retire that thing and look forward to a much newer Wacom Cintiq!

Modbook has gotten better recently but their size and prices are not necessarily worth the cost or risk since you can't take it to an Apple retailer for quick fixes and have to ship it back to the company for who knows how long!

Apple needs to stop limiting it's iMac ram to 32GB... Who needs to be underpowered when the aliens invade or at least the digitally enhanced ones!

The iMac is a beast lacking enough roar to body the industry and with their Retina 5K display could very well be a digital designers dream but without the raw power it's hard to justify not sticking with a PC that can be given the Fast and The Furious treatment with whatever ram you want to add to it!

Apple should also consider side deals with certain high end software companies to sell for a discount on their app store... Some companies are already doing this but with Apple being the largest company not named Exxon they could offset some of the costs and perhaps steer some companies away from those monthly pay as you go teases that seem more like leases than true ownership!

ALSO... After Flex Hectic goes viral I need to be featured at one of their WWDC events for having the first super hero featured in the complete iWorld!

Apple Beyotches... Get yo head in da game cretins!!!

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