Are We Ready for an Alien Invasion?

We sci-fi and fantasy writers, filmmakers and sequential artists crank out 'what if' scenarios about fending off alien attacks on Earth. But could we really defend ourselves against a hostile interstellar species? If we were actually invaded, what would happen? How would we fight back? Could we even hope to survive?

The scientifically based show 'Curiosity' takes a hard and real-world look at the what if's based on the ideas and opinions of scientists, strategists and military experts. Apparently, someone out there has been thinking seriously about this and you'll be surprised when you hear and see their input! If you're looking for fantasy happy endings, don't watch! If you want to see a reality based approximation of what our chances are check out:

Alien Invasion: Are We Ready?

To play, click on the 'Continue as Free User'. If you don't have ad blocking software, there may be popups. Just turn them off to watch the program.

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