Science fiction and fantasy writing is truly unique and exciting because it’s only limited by our imaginations.  Anything is possible in our universes if we wish them to be.  With science fiction there are some staples that are considered normal whether it be laser weaponry, forms of faster than light travel and friendly and not so friendly alien races just to name a few examples.  Some of these concepts are almost expected when you read a piece of fiction or watch a television show or movie but have you ever been writing and you came up with something truly unique and creative only to see it in a videogame, movie or television show months or years after you thought it up?  Does it frustrate you or do you take pride in knowing that someone is thinking just like you? 


My latest “Are you kidding me” moment came after seeing Ethan Hunt’s antics at the end of the Mission Impossible 3 trailer!  I can’t get my novel finished fast enough society!  Chime in if you wish to share, no divulging of creative original concepts necessary!

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