Cryonic Suspended Animation Price tag: $160,000 “You can’t take it with you.” As a rich guy, you’ll hear that often from your children, your elderly parents and other leeches and moochers trying to suck your fortune dry. It may be true that you can’t take your money with you, but what if you never completely leave? That’s the idea behind cryonics. As the Cryonics Society of America describes the procedure, “at the time of deanimation” your body is cooled down and filled with a kind of antifreeze. Then you’re put in an insulated capsule and kept frozen with liquid nitrogen. Once doctors figure out how to cure whatever killed you (and how to bring flesh popsicles back to life), they thaw you out. Then you can start suing whoever squandered your fortune during the intervening 1,000 years or so. Haven’t amassed a small personal fortune yet? Try these gift guides for common folks:

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