It’s been decades since The Destroyer paperback novel series by Warren Murphy and Richard Sapir has graced the comics world with its Sinanju awesomeness, but now true fan M. Rasheed -- in partnership with the heirs of the Warren Murphy estate -- has unleashed the funny book flood gates.  The award-winning cartoonist brings the quirky, action-packed, ultra-violent, and very fun Men’s Adventure tale to a ten-book, 66 page graphic novel series as only the author of Monsters 101 can! 

Any Destroyer fan will be proud to have this super-set in their collection, featuring brand new stories full of fan-favorite villains, and a special 6 page tale that ends each title with a ‘Scrolls of Sinanju’ journal entry, each written by some of the greatest masters as they describe a key point of the series' mythology.   These comics will be a great starting point for new readers interested in jumping into the 150+ novel mainstream tales as well!

The first five books of TALES OF SINANJU: The Destroyer 1-10 by M. Rasheed, based on characters created by Warren Murphy & Richard Sapir, are now available exclusively from Second Sight Graphix.

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