We haven't addressed sci-fi in awhile on Afronerd Radio (The Comic Shoppe show,notwithstanding), so let's get back into it! Join us this Sunday at 7pm (ET) to discuss yesterday's Battlestar Galactica finale. We may also address the larger question of minority representation in the science fiction genre (or the lack thereof). And as custom, we will also use our analytical microscopes to discuss the following: First Lady, Michelle Obama takes on the talking "White" phenomenon from an African-American perspective (a topic which is timely as educator, Garrard McClendon of Ax or Ask fame will be our guest on the 29th); President Obama's historic appearance on The Tonight Show and the controversy swirling around it; taking a look at the latest 14 year old conservative wunderkind, Jonathan Krohn and a wrapup of what transpired on the blog this week. Feel free to drop by with your comments/questions at-646-915-9620 or via IM/email-afronerdradio@yahoo.com. And as always.....remember the Afronerd mantra-Be there and Be square.http://www.afronerdradio.comhttp://www.afronerd.com

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