Get stuck in amber almost sounds like a sexual joke of a bad nature and woefully tasteless.  That is exactly what JJ Abrams wants us to do as willing viewers of what we thought would be the true Friday night replacement to X-Files, Fringe.  

Fringe started out smart witty a little predictable to bring you into it but very funny yet complex underneath.  It challenged you to look at string theory in a rational way.  It challenged how accepting of scientific experimentation we have been in the western world but shy away from that heebee jeebee Christian religion.  In the beginning Fringe had covert action, love, deception, espionage and a whole lot of subversive treachery.  

Then it turned into a science fiction soap opera, with no story and no end in sight.  Now we are being asked to buy in one more time and see what happens with the promise of we will asnwer it all in the end.  Part of the reason I did not buy into LOST was as a writer I saw that a few things had to happen or the show was not going to make sense.  For those of you that watched it you know that it made sense to a degree but if you got it you could also explain a corporate health insurance policy too.  

Then again it is JJ Abrams he does not need to make sense, he needs to produce more stuff.  And while I am at it please answer this for me: why is it that the only show that he produced with a Black lead actor and actress fail in its first few weeks of airing?  By the way that is a serious question. 

I am torn when it comes to JJ Abrams partially: because I kind of get where he is coming from.  On the other hand he reminds me of a friend that has pizza boxes, and beer bottles all over his house along with a bong attached to his hand 24/7 that can tell really good creative stories that become something else in the middle and end with a question mark.   


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