Should black folks get vaccinated?

With all the controversy over the "vaccination" issue it's time for black folks to weigh in on the topic...

As America's one true guinea pig for most experimental drug testing we have lots to say in the matter...

As an African American man married to an African woman that just so happens to be in the medical field I have a good perspective on modern medicine from above and below the equator concerning the health of black folks! Lol

Whenever I return from bodybuilding competitions like the Mr. Olympia in Las Vegas I usually have 1001 samples of various protein bars that my wife scans through in search of hidden substances like pseudo PED's or steroids... I mean Jarvis has told me himself if just one of my "pee in da cup" samples tests positives for steroids I will be suspended from and stripped of my TROLL duties! Lol

Also, other than the usual cold and cough medicines or muscle pain relievers (We are both fitness persons btw) we really don't keep that many over the counter drugs in our home most of the time we are never really that sick or tough it out with green tea and chicken soup!

However, our son is required to have physicals and whatnot for school in California and recently as the strength coach for his basketball team I was required to do TB testing so I got a chest x-ray that found nothing wrong except for the gamma radiation that makes me Hulk out whenever I get really really angry enough! 


With all this talk about science and modern medicine the only real concern here is a matter of TRUST!

Having trained hundreds of clients over the past decade and a half one thing that I have noticed is that those who live straight out of the medicine cabinet with meds for anything their doctor can prescribe are generally more sick or ill than those who do not!

The side effects of many drugs has a give and take aspect where you sacrifice something to gain something... File this under cause and effect!

Many persons that refuse vaccinations or medical attention often do so because of religious reasons but there can also be reasons bordering on ignorance...

With that said though it seems that medicine and science are not always on the same page and can be enemies of sorts so you can't have it both ways... Looking at you atheists! HINT

Medicine vs Science... Yet another war on the down low where one cannot prove itself without at least the help from the other raises a concern of conflict of interest!

Medicine unlike science is technically supposed to deal with living beings under the "Observational Science Oversight Committee" but whenever it becomes expedient or convenient "Science" will throw "Medicine" under the bus unless they play ball "Evolutionary" style! (wink wink)

What it boils down to is "You have to see only what I see under the microscope otherwise I will treat you like a pariah on the spot" type of politics!

On the other hand faith based ideology can be at fault at times particularly in extreme cases where lives are on the line... But as a believer myself in healing hands I recognize that many hospitals and medical clinics are inspired and named after biblical names and references for a good reason!

Pure cold science really relies on Darwin's "Survival of The Fittest" eugenics where it favors elimination of any and all weaknesses with no care whatsoever... OUCH!!!

As Obamacare is under attack for certain wordings in it's bill the healthcare industry is long overdue for a massive reboot and the main concern should always be about the overall health of the patients!

So while Medicine and Science duke it out what should uninformed consumers do as they sneeze and sniffle in the corner chair of the crowded waiting room?

Ahem... PRAY!!!

Since most infected... OOPS I mean "injected" persons are unaware of what is actually placed inside the needle we have to rely on that scary thing called FAITH and HOPE that the doctor or other medical professional is doing right by us in the long run!

In the meantime put some cocoa butter on it or some Tussin...


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