Zasalamel (ザサラメール, Zasaramēru), is a character in the Soul series of fighting games, a character with no allegiances except to himself who performs mostly evil actions. Zasalamel is one of the three starting new characters included in the fourth instalment of the saga of video games, Soulcalibur III, alongside Tira and Setsuka. He first appeared on the first promotional trailers of the game as a darkened silhouette, under the titles of both The Enigma and The Mastermind before his real name was revealed. In the game itself, his fighting style and weaponry repertoire is available, in the Character Creation Mode, to characters created under the Saint class. Zasalamel reappears in Soulcalibur IV, and in its portable remake, Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny.

What lies in his soul is Anguish.

As stated in his profile, he hails from an ancient tribe that was tasked with the protection of Soul Calibur, the sacred sword and Soul Edge's opposite. This was many, many years before the game's set timeframe. Zasalamel was angered by the sect's edicts that forbade the use of the sword; which didn't allow the tribe to use the weapon if a crisis were to occur. When trying to take Soul Calibur in his hands, he was discovered and shunned from the tribe. Zasalamel spent his time later in pursuit of ancient and forbidden knowledge thought lost, until he learned the lost art of magical reincarnation. (as he is able to cast spells as he sees them.)

The spell worked perfectly: although he continued to age, and eventually died, his soul was immediately reborn in another body, a body that would grow up to be identical to his original body, even including his signature golden eye. In addition, he retained all the memories from his original life, and continued to exist as Zasalamel. This would occur over and over across many generations, living and dying and being reborn, and Zasalamel gradually lost the joy of living as his existence waned and the pain of death increased. However, there was no way to "turn off" the spell; he would keep being reincarnated for all eternity, and committing suicide, no matter how many times he did it, would only start the cycle over again earlier than usual. In an attempt to end what he considered his "curse", Zasalamel set his eyes on Soul Edge. He would use its soul-devouring properties to destroy himself once and for all, and release himself from the circle of eternal reincarnations. However, even being killed by the sword was not enough, so Zasalamel turned his hopes to Soul Calibur, but when he reached the place where his tribe existed in his original life, he found no traces of life or the holy sword.

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