Black People and Black Comics

I'm sure this has been discussed before, but here goes. Following a conversation I saw on another site and the current demographic of my own comic book sales. I was wondering why is it that black people don't buy black comics? I noticed that with the exception of a few the majority of my sales seem to be from people who aren't black. And I wonder at that, I was once told and I'm sure a number of you can attest to this that some black folks want the "black pass" meaning "Hey I'm black can I get a hookup" Why is that I don't understand that thinking is it because Black folks don't value their people's work? or what?

I'd also like to ask a question to other comic book creators on here. What are you experiences? Do more black people buy your comic or is it mainly other races?

And before anyone asks yes I do own black comics and I can list them lol

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