My world was confirmed today! I knew that the Matrix contained so much in the way of black thought that I always doubted that the Wachowski Brothers could not infuse such care in its writing. Now, Sophia Stewart, a black woman, has been named in the largest settlement in Hollywood history as the creator of all that I love in movie franchises. You have to dig deep to find the story but it is out there floating in the under current of Sci-fi thought. I was amazed to realize that the case of copyright infringement has been ongoing since 2003. Settled Feb. 14, 2013, according to the African Globe, you gotta love that. It has not been discussed anywhere in popular media, due to the fact that Time Warner owns  93% of all outlets. We as the Black Science Fiction Society should be singing Stewards praises. We the consumers, readers, and writers of all things black and sci-fi. How did we miss this! I charge everyone on this site to research Sophia Stewart, Hollywood, "The Matrix", "The Terminator" and the thieves, Wachowski Brothers. 

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