Congratulations to the writers group who produces BLACKER THE INK, on winning the Eisner award 2016!  The best book on how afro futurism and hero personas are impacting the industry.

The chapter on Afro Futurism features Ghettostone's own RAMZEES prince of Heru story as one of it's references on what Black Science Fiction looks like with heroes that comprise egocentric attributes and black diaspora value system.  

Although the writers misjudged some of RAMZEES motives by equating  Western influence, the sales and acceptance of this Black Superhero was universal around the world.  And I believe helped open the door for all Black Heroes!

Ghettostone is proud to play a small part in it's success and we highly recommend Blacker The INK to all readers.


Ichael R. Brown, Editor/Chief

Ghettostone Publications Company

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