Arron Day, aka Blackjack, is an African-American soldier of fortune battling powerful enemies, the ghosts of his past, and the bigotry of his times. It is the 1930s. A good time for a dark hunter.

In Tokyo, 1935, Blackjack has taken on a dangerous mission. His assignment is to protect a Japanese dignitary who is haunted by a terrible secret and marked for death by those who are driving his country toward world war. Blackjack is soon pitted against spies, rebels, lies, bigotry, a secret order of warlords, and an elite force of the Japanese army. Before long Arron is battling not only to save his client, but also an innocent who will change his life, forever. This is an beautifully illustrated, nons

As a professional writer Alex Simmons has exhibited his tremendous ability and range by writing about a number of topics, from magazine interviews and articles, to video games and documentaries, to children's novels and comic books.  Simmons has easily moved from fiction to non fiction, creat ing exciting mysteries, and compelling biographies

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