Blackmagic Design Cameras!

I was in Burbank yesterday and attended the Blackmagic Design Day where I got to demo some of their cameras!

Having limited experience in filming what I saw blew my mind and then later I met with a friend of the family who has experience filming movies and as he sifted through the catalog book I got from the mini expo he too was impressed!

With cinema cameras ranging from $995 up to $6,000 it's hard to compete with what was on display!

For those of us in the movie making industry this may be your go to ticket to making a halfway decent film!

It's not so much whether these are the absolute best cameras on the market but that they have a plug and play aspect that made it easy for an amateur rookie like myself to learn how to operate them ASAP with minimal experience!

With todays technology it is getting much easier to make good quality products without blowing the entire budget on the technical side of things!

If you add in the right high end software where applicable you can mimic the same smoke and mirrors techniques Hollywood uses for their major blockbuster movies!

A couple of blue screens here and there and you could be the next Spielberg or George Lucas!

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