We are happy to announce that BlackScienceFictionSociety members can meet virtually at any time within the virtual world of Small Worlds. Every member of our site can easily join and log-in to the web-based Small Worlds environment from within the BlackScienceFictionSociety site by clicking the “SmallWorlds”. Tab on the navigation bar on the top of the site. We will be announcing soon other opportunities to meet up within Small Worlds for specific events and dialogues. In the meanwhile, check out our "Black Science Fiction Society Zone" in Small World, and explore the rest of the world! Please be mindful that the environment is heavily populated with minors so please do not use curse words, sign in with adult names, or post adult pictures and video etc. We want to enjoy ourselves but not get our space banned. Once you login feel free to click “PLACES” at the bottom right and click “SEARCH” and put in “Black Science Fiction Society”to find our space. I look forward to seeing you there.

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