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Well, I’ve spent the best part of 3 years forging my first novel called The Black Guard: Quest For The Inviolable Man. It’s a military space opera that blends science and fantasy together and it’s currently available on amazon. It was a long and hard graft, however, I have the age old dilemma of needing some reviews.

In exchange for a free copy of my book, is there anyone (or more than one) who would be interested in providing me with an amazon review? If so please let me know.

Here’s the synopsis:

Tragic events that lead to the death of billions have fractured the bond between mankind and the Horaxians, turning interstellar allies into bitter enemies. Now, Adcox, a young marine officer, is caught in a savage war that has lasted longer than he’s been alive. One that has broken the human condition, and flung a boy into a man’s world. 

With the arrival of the greatest horror either race has ever witnessed, the inescapability of extinction forces humanity and their hated adversary to forge an unwanted alliance. Adcox and his team are tasked on a covert mission, where survival of all life hinges on them finding just one man…a knight of the deadly and mysterious Black Guard. He’s a man that none trusts, few believe is alive, but all agree that he is the most dangerous man in the universe. 

The Black Guard takes you on an epic science fiction adventure of a young man’s battle against the enemy external and within, and his struggle to place his faith in a powerful warrior whose past is shrouded with both virtue and villainy. 

Sci-fi fans will delight in this Starship Troopers meets The Lord of the Rings military science fantasy tale. The legend of the Black Guard…begins. 



You can check out what the reviewers so far (the little I’ve received) have had to say about the book via the link before.


Find out more about me on www.kassmith.com

Help would be greatly appreciated!

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