Cable Companies Beware, iPad 2 Users Will Have Free TV Soon

BY SUE MEGRUND on Fri September 02nd, 2011 eyetvEyeTV Mobile

Cable Companies Beware, iPad 2 Users Will Have Free TV Soon

Looking for a way to watch TV on your iPad 2 without an Internet connection? Elgato is coming out with a solution. Soon, with their new product, EyeTV Mobile, you’ll be able to watch unlimited TV with absolutely no monthly fees.

Connect the EyeTV antenna device to your dock connector, launch the free EyeTV app (which will be available in the App Store) and you are on your way to enjoying your favorite channels.

The combination of the app and device will work very much like a DVR, where you can pause, rewind and even record some of your favorite shows. The EyeTV app has a built in program guide so you can see what is on now and what is coming up next.

The device is designed to work only with the iPad 2; so original iPad users are out of luck. Hopefully the device will transfer to the new iPad 3, anticipated to be released next year.

EyeTV has not begun shipping yet in Europe and Japan, but it can be purchased for £99 or about $160. An ATSC version is still being developed for Canada and the U.S., we will keep you posted when this new device becomes available.

Let us know what you think, would this be a nice accessory for your iPad?


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