Can Africans Do Sci Fi Movies?

Hi Guys. This topic has been on my mind for years now. I’m Nigerian and I love Sci Fi. In fact I love it so much it pretty much decided my career path as it has for so many of you.  I’ve always wanted to write about why a lot of Africans, or Nigerians in my case, don’t think we should be doing Sci Fi movies. The main reason they cite is that 'It's not in our culture' . At that point I see red and turn into the Hulk and can remember little else.


The funny thing is that I never got round to writing about it until I joined the Black Science Fiction Society. I kept replying to another Forum discussion but I didn’t want to derail the thread.


Here’s my blog post with my thoughts. or .Let me know what you think. Should Africans do Sci Fi movies? I think there’s a market for it but I could be biased.

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