Clash of the Titans (2010)

Okay, so I waited for this one as a Netflix watch because I saw just too many reviews about it not being very good.

What was other people seeing that I didn't?

I actually enjoyed this movie! wasn't a revamp of the 1981 movie. But to be honest, it if was, I would have NOT seen it at all.  I hate seeing remakes of the same ole story.  So anyway, I think this new story was full and exciting and gave a different twist to the story.  

I liked the fact of seeing the "gods" in a "not-so-happy-light". In fact, now that I think of it, why was all those Greek gods so bad?  Killing parents, raping women, cursing people who really weren't that bad to begin with.  Just all right terrible deities who, I can see, why in the world would someone want to worship??

The ending...hmmm...though it was a happy one and yes, he wasn't with the original sacrificed girl (which I didn't mind in the least. That gave the sacrificed girl some merit and strength that the 1981 version did not have), but that ending with the father as if they were now some kind of buddies and reconciled some differences? I just didn't see it. Everything pointed to nothing that they would want to have in common.  The only thing would be him shunning that ole Zeus again and not having anything to do with him.  Zeus "thanking" him? What he did had nothing to do with Zeus and he should have said so.  

But that's just my reasoning. :)

Otherwise, I thought it was a very good tribute to the old movie and a very nice flow.  It will go into my movie collection.

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