ONLI STUDIOS welcomes your time, attention, appreciation and purchases.  It works to expand your options in this industry to equal your options in music or cuisine.

The innovative ONLI STUDIOS has been advocating, distributing and publishing indie Graphic Novels & Comix since 1981.Itz product line are as follows:

"Malcolm-10, Sustah-Girl, Team BLANGA, Going Green in Your City, NOG: The Protector of the Pyramides, East / West Zodiac, Future-Funk, Sasa, Tales From The Rhythmic Zone, The Legend of the Azaniac, Fight-Book, The Mega Sustah-Girl Work-Out Book"

TM & Copyrighted to Turtel Onli / ONLI STUDIOS.

These awesome highly prized products are available as downloads via Peep Game Comix and the Afridigital platforms and from the ONLI STUDIOS site.

It also produces its annual "BLACK AGE" events in Chicago....since 1993.

With all of this amazing history and kick-ass production we still have found very few to no locations, Black owned, honest, to accept, or carry these types of products. 

You may notice this also includes how regular comix stores refuse to host a rack for dedicated indie Black Age products.  So no wonder most get their Black products from the mainstream, thus limiting the impact and growth of indie Black owned publishers.

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