There were two references to a "comic book project" referring to the mid-1980s. S. Stewart quotes a "comic book project" getting her attention on her website ( A White male named Paul Chadwick stated the Wachowski Brothers contact him about a "comic book project" (see Matrix DVD).

I only have vague glimpses of memory. However, I seem to remember an African-American male working on such a project around the same time period. If this rings a bell for anyone, let me know by message.

Here is the crime.  The big companies were screwed out of billions of dollars.  There are two billion dollar loss factors.  First, the big companies increased their expenses by billions of dollars over multiple movies.  Instead of using the technology developed for them, the African-American male writer was squeezed out thus cutting off the big companies from the technology developed for them.  The big company went with the script and schematics.  Then they had to go to a sci-fi company to bring the schematics to movie life.  They never realized that tech was already developed.

The second way the big company lost money is by missing out on being “THE Company” to go to in order to do a superhero movie.  Instead of just making their own movies, the big company would have had the ability to do movies for others.  This increase in revenues can easily be calculated by looking at the big company’s movie expenses. 

That having been said, who caused this evil event?  It could not have been the big company – sharks considered.  There was no profit in it.  Some evil scoundrel did something terrible to the African-American, male writer to make him medically unavailable?  Left for dead?  Some “Cain” to the writer’s “Abel”?


Key Comic Book Similarities:

  1. Mutants, hovercraft, genocidal sentinels

  2. Morpheus is rendition of Blade

  3. Trinity is rendition of Callisto

  4. Links (linx) represents the Black Panther in underground city

  5. The machine city could also be underwater city for Prince Namor.

  6. Hovercraft has excellent undersea features

  7. The Frenchmen is actually a rendition of a Marvel character introduced

    In an X-men annual featuring a team-up with Dr. Strange (X-men Annual 4)

    The Frenchmen, based on a character first appearance in X-men Annual#4.  In that issue, Margali Szardos, creates a Dante styled Hell to put Nightcrawler in out of revenge.  According to Matrix Revolutions: Disc Two, the club is referred to as Club Hell.  Persephone is a Greek mythology character that has to spend half the year in Tartarus (Hell) with her husband Hades (hell).

    notice the “club hell” scene:

  8. His wife could easily be Selene as introduced in X-men mutant series

    “club hell”

  9. Assists battle armor development for Iron and particularly War Machine

  10. Excellent Ant-man development possibility

  11. The rogue Smith makes an excellent Loki character, particularly in a Ragnarok


  12. Who would be a god-machine in a machine world? Marvel’s Quasimodo 

  13. The Oracle and the Architect are renditions of Chaos and Order in the Marvel universe.  The Architect is Order; The Oracle is Chaos  She is The Matrix version of a randomization program which gives the illusion of choice.  In old Basic programming, the illusion of choice in a computer is, RAND(1..10).  This command can be preceded by a question like, “Pick a number from 1 to 10”.

  14.  The blonde in the Matrix is a rendition of the Enchantress of Marvel’s Asgard

  15.  Shang Chi is another Marvel character represented well by Seraph 

  16. The sentinels in The Matrix are excellent adaptations of the killer sentinels of the X-men comic series. Notice how Neo reveals his powers outside of The Matrix?  Neo is a mutant.  He is escaping mutant killing machines called sentinels.  Sound familiar?  (The Matrix  sentinels (The X-men sentinels,

  17. The mechanical arms of the sentinels are excellent to adapt to Marvel’s Dr. Octopus. (The Matrix Sentinels, (Marvel’s Dr. Octopus

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