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Our mission is to bring together our resources to benefit our own people. We will partnership with people of color initiatives sharing perspectives and fostering cultural understanding  FIRST WORLD PEOPLE is an association with no political nor religious affiliations for obvious divisive reasons .We must come out of the mind set of our enemies re-teach the minds of our future, generations learning from the mistakes of our past...


We will strive to bring various Chiefs from different locations across Africa here to America to establish a covenant of a “FREE LAND REPATRIATION ACT”


Our History 

First World people association was incorporated 31 day of January 2012 under the Companies Act, 1963 (Act 179) in Accra the capital city of Ghana. This was the brainchild of Mr. Babatu Rudo an African America with support from friends. The Association was formally inaugurated on Sunday 19th February 2012.


In November 2012 First World People brought on Agricultural Resource Director Karolyn Oakley, Karolyn Oakley is the Lead Food Security Specialist at Empress Works, Inc. a Food Security Firm.  Her expertise is focused on indigenous infrastructure as well as agricultural empowerment.  To date, Ms. Oakley is a commentator for the Empowerment Radio Network on Sirius XM, Channel 128.  Her segment focuses on health and wellness empowerment and food security within the African American community. 
At First World People, Ms. Oakley will humbly serve as the Agricultural Resource Director, creating programs to educate trending principles in establishing food security and working with other influential persons to implement a superior educational framework that engages the entire community.



Around January 15th, 2012, Muhammed Ilegieuno, myself, Babatu Rudo from the US were comparing similarities between the diaspora and issues that affect Africa, Ghana in particular. We surmised that we have the same common problems of enriching the economy of foreigh countires off of our own resources.


I shared with them about my business I lost in the US, due to the economic housing crisis. It was a 6 acre farm dedicated to the empowerment of our African-american youth. The name of the farm was Kwabena, named after  a town here in Ghana.

The rites of passage organization, Alkebulan, one of the original names of Africa, was out of Baltimore Maryland., run by Kumase Johnson. I was also an elder in that organization.


Sharing the same disgust with there present circumstances here in Ghana and vowed to do something about it. Since we shared common interests, THE FIRST WORLD PEOPLE, organization was born.


LAND DESCRIPTION:  Residential use of all that piece or parcel of land situate at ANYINASO in the Ajumako Anyan Essiam District in the Central Region of the Republic of Ghana

LESSOR: NANA ESSIAM III, chief of Ajumako, Ayinase :: WITNESS:  Yaw Takor



- Former Business Venture of Babatu Rudo, INFO:


The human potential of many people has been severely compromised in light of the obstacles that mankind has endured. Generations of people have suffered at the hands of slavery, colonialization, industrialization, environmental mismanagement, abuse, addiction, institutionalization, broken family structures, and poor health. Through all of these obstables mankind has persevered and never given up. Hence the name, Kwabenya - NEVER GIVE UP, an Ashanti word from Ghana, West Africa and the name of the place where the doors are open for all to embrace a new state of consciousness and responsibility towards our youth, our families, our health, our state of minds, and our communities. The Kwabenya Healing Grounds is a sanctuary for a unified vision of transformation and healing. People come to this space to enrich their spirit which is the driving force of their soul.


Please also see the following News Clipping below about the grandfather of company founder Babatu Rudo

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