Cray Cray Island Resort!

I hereby claim this island and all it's inhabitants including Gilligan... And the skipper too! Lol

While Mary Ann and Ginger decide who gets first dibs on the only black guy on this island let's talk about this for a minute...

It seems like just overnight this massive island formed rapidly and although I am need of a Dr. Evil type volcanic lair to plot my inter galactic takeovers one has to deeply ponder the significance of this very recent geological development!

If this thing kept growing at that rate we could have a fully realized brand new continent... Observational Science any one! (hint hint and more hint)

So while the top evolutionists try to prove that this thing "evolved" over billions of years of sedimentary layering and "cracked rock" formations like they claim about the Grand Canyon I'll be on the beach talking to the Professor about his genius level intellect that somehow couldn't fix a hole in a boat! Lol

P.S. What if they found some dinosaur bones all up in that rapidly forming and cooling strata... Oh well pass the suntan lotion I wanna get blue black up in here!

Mary Ann be blocking btw... Lol

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