Dark Matter?

I watched this special recently on "Dark Matter" featuring the voiceover talent of Morgan Freeman (God in Bruce Almighty) and with all the talk of "Dark Energy" and "Black Holes" is this is a subtle scientific way of saying God is black?

I know that I am dark, I know that I matter, I know that I have lots of energy and sometimes I can be a an @$$hole (Black Hole) so does that make me a "Dark Matter" being?

It seems like that this is more theory than actual fact as NASA attempts to collect some of this mysterious "Dark" stuff so any thought on this "Matter" should be interesting.

What about "White Matter" or "White Energy" or White Holes" is outer space prejudice or just plain intergalactic racist?

(Someone other than Ronald go in on this before me and him get into one of our back and forth disputes) Lol

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