What an exciting matchup! The weapons demonstrated were brutal.  I wasn't too impressed with the SS mauser until the operator switched that bad boy to full auto and ripped the target dummy to shreds.  The SS Bouncing Betty mine was a definite emasculater, but the Viet Cong's land mine with the booby trap grenade was as devious a weapon as I ever saw. 


The SS flamethrower was both precision and sleekly portable, while the Viet Cong punji sticks made my skin crawl!


Looking forward to the Roman soldier vs Indian Rajput matchup.  I'm familiar with Roman weapons.  The Gladius was very effective for close-in combat.  So was the pilum with its barbed point.  But the Rajputs are a mystery to me.  However, judging from next week's highlight, their weapons look absolutely intimidating! 

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