On July 27 I will shoot the pilot episode of my sci-fi TV series, The Abandon.

My name is Keith Josef Adkins.  I'm an award-winning playwright and screenwriter.  Several years ago I worked as TV writer for the very popular show Girlfriends starring Tracee Ellis Ross.  I have pitched ideas to networks and studios and penned a few original pilots.

I love sci-fi. I watch stories about UFO sightings and close encounters of the third kind.  Alien and Aliens are two of my favorite films. 


The Abandon is my first sci-fi TV script. After a possible alien invasion, five black men discover they may be the last humans on Earth and quickly learn the importance of survival, loyalty and manhood.


Friends from college, these five men will also discover why they are being hunted down by an alien species. And why the alien species may have a message that will disrupt the entire universe.

The Abandon is inspired by my desire to see black and brown people work in the sci-fi genre. It is inspired by knowing so many black people who deeply love and respect the sci-fi genre and my interest in making them happy.


Future episodes will use flashbacks to introduce significant others, family, co-workers, and the hours leading up to the invasion.

Check out my Indie GoGo Campaign and if you feel inspired, help make this happen!



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