Dillon and the Voice of Odin by fellow BSFS member Derrick Ferguson is an undeniable thrill ride.  Modeled on the pulp heroes of yesteryear, Dillon is a super extraordinary physical specimen armed with a quick wit, iron determination and a knack for getting out of the stickiest of situations.  In Voice of Odin, Dillon is out to stop a mad scientist who is using a sound amplification device to terrorize the world.  Of course, Dillon has to confront a motley, brutal assortment of nefarious types (including those ostensibly on his side) while in the process of tracking down the primary foe. 

Reading Voice of Odin felt less like reading, more like a movie going experience.  The author paints every scene with a vividness and dynamic that can be easily visualized.  And the action is non-stop, ultra high octane. 171 pages of adrenaline rush.  I highly recommend this book!   

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