Doomsday 2012!

If you can read this you may have survived the Mayan calendar Doomsday!

Assuming that the apocalypse does happen which one would you prefer?

1. Zombies - The walking dead arise to eat your brains and you have to board a makeshift fortress less you become a meal for the undead.

2. War of The Worlds - Those darn aliens want our planet and the only thing stopping them is you and a bunch of ragtag freedom fighters.

3. Massive Meteor - One well placed strike in the ocean sends huge tidal waves crashing upon every shore flooding the earth and altering weather patterns worldwide as you scramble for shelter amidst the chaos.

4. Mutated Monsters - That frakking government science team of genetic engineers have mistakenly unleashed a horde of animals that multiply quickly and prefer human food over vegetables and you are on the menu as they increase in size rapidly.

5. Eclipse - The sun is blacked out for a whole year and those of the melanin persuasion must survive by finding means of artificial light.

6. Drought - Water is scarce as torrid temperatures scorch the earth dry leaving only small pockets of moisture to live by so you have to do the Mad Max thang all day every day.

I hope you people survive because I like some of you... Not all of you but some of you!

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