I hereby donate my head to BSFS.com so share it equally amongst yourselves...




If after the head transplant some of you feel just a little bit more Cray Cray than normal just let the new upgraded software embedded within my DNA take full effect and you will be the life of the party in no time I swear! Lol


Who is ready to have their body under new management via head transplant?

This is the part where science gets waaaaaaay too weird for my tastes!

I get it if an athlete donates certain parts of his body to someone who has no game whatsoever and I even get it if dissatisfied wives want their husbands to accept bodily donations from famous porn stars AHEM... But this is something you read in a comic book or a sci-fi B-movie! 

Whatever happened to good ole fashioned death and funerals where the living just pour out some liquor and keep it moving?

The fountain of youth just got a little bit murkier here so let's just stick to basic organ donors and plastic surgery before things get nasty ugly when some of these experiments fail in Realtime 3D...


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