Okay take a look... A real good look I'll wait!


Planets, stars, nebulae and all other types of celestial bodies and yet no sign of life out there anywhere!

The further the advancements in telescopes go the more it is revealed that extra terrestrial life may not actually exist anywhere out there!

So with that said I recommend that the following actions be taken to keep up appearances for those who believe, strive or hope for that some type of aliens do indeed exist!

On the next space shuttle launches into outer space their should be made up bones in a controlled lab to be strategically buried on distant planets and then filmed to look as if the astronauts discovered these "RARE" lifeforms and then have highly esteemed and accredited scientists on the "Payroll" claim that they are 2.7 billion... Oh wait, make it an even 8 billion years old so that it out distances the ability to prove them wrong!


Genetically engineer a plant that can survive on another planet and magically discover it on some random moon and only allow scientists on the "Payroll" to study it and keep it far away from them creationists or any other scientist that does not want to play ball with the Big Boys... You know how they do! Lol

It's time to put the Christmas lights enhanced U.F.O. frisbees away and step your game up to better "Discoveries" and go all in this time!

The world needs and deserves greater attempts to fool it and right now scientists are just phoning it in E.T. style and not getting on their Piltdown Man grind... Just saying!

Scientist: "LOOK... I found a pair of intergalactic Jordans!"

The Predator: "You better let go of my shoe before I start hunting you too!"

E.T: "Humans be tripping some times!"

Darth Vader: "You think!"

Alf: "What are you doing over there?"

Scientist: "I am burying... OOPS I mean look at this new set of bones I found on the second moon of Pandora! Must be at least 9.356 Gazillion years old!"

Other Scientist: "What he meant to say was 9.356 BILLION years old because that would fit conveniently right into that 13.8 billion years we all agreed upon... HINT HINT!"

Piltdown U.F.O.'s let's do it!!!

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