It does not matter how you feel about STAR TREK in any of its many incarnations, aside from TOS (the original series) THE CAGE there are very few episodes which endeavor to make you think beyond what is given.  Certainly there are those over all concepts that are given to us throughout the original series and continuing into late episodes of DS9.  Humanitarian, social, ethical, philanthropic, technological and cultural issues are all tackled within the confines of the starship, the deep space station, or distant planet served up weekly for our satisfaction and delight.  

Each and every February for Black History month I make sure that the episode FAR BEYOND THE STARS of DEEP SPACE 9 is watched. It completely tells the story of the science fiction writing world of the 1950's and 1960's surrounding the Female issue and the issues of the modern Negro. I suggest that you add this to your annual Black History month sci-fi to watch. 

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This episode covers so many forum categories I had a hard time where to place it.

For you writers out there this episode is also validation for what we do when everyone else says just give up and move on to something more lucrative.

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