I'm finishing up a book anthology of the years best Sci-Fi. One of the stories I read has a theme that I've read about before about humans evolving out of their physical form and just existing as pure consciousness. I started seriously contemplating if I would want to live that way.

I'm curious to know how many of you would opt to live without the physical body if you could explore space/time/other dimensions.

I guess my main drawback would be not being able to enjoy the physicality of life, like eating, moving, having sex, or feeling sunlight or water on my skin. As spiritual beings having a human experience, I often wonder if death is just shaking off the flesh and returning to consciousness. I know religious people love the idea of going to heaven and basically having a "heavenly body" to walk streets paved with gold, but no one knows what happens after death.


So, would you do it? Stop being a flesh human and evolve into Bobby Digital?



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