Flex Hectic by Zbrush!

After all the game I talked on this site and others it's time to reveal what a brother has been up to for a minute.

This is the prototype for my character Flex Hectic which is to be used as the source material for the comic, the video game and animation.

I digitally sculpted this in Zbrush which allows me to make multiple layers, different poses, alternate colors or import the figure into Lightwave for animation or into Unity (Via Lightwave) for video game making.

You can also make clothes, add tech armor or place other sculpted objects in the background for scenery effects which I'll do later.

It's going to take a while to get his hair braided with the fiber mesh in Zbrush (Polygonic detail to the max) but if you look closely you can sort of tell that he is a black man with a broad nose and patented black man's booty that seems to be left out of other black characters at the other leading brands pipeline creative communities.

Yes... Those abs are real just wait until I convert it all into 3D and you can reach out and tough them!

Hopefully this inspires others here to take that leap of faith into the digital art world and never look back... Of course I still do the traditional pencil and ink on bristol board with photoshop color for the comic book itself because re-printable original art is still worth something especially if it is rare to find years from now.

It's getting closer to game time as I include just a few more goodies and then I dominate the world with something never before seen in comic book history!

(Insert diabolical laugh right about here...)

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